We Have Our Clients’ Backs

When it seems like the entire legal system is against you, we want to step in and help good people like you get the compensation they deserve when bad things happen.

We are located in Beaumont and support injured clients from across southeast Texas and the Gulf Coast.

Personal Injury Attorneys Who Are Not Afraid Of Tough Cases

Sometimes, good people are badly injured. In the event of severe, life-altering injuries, the odds are stacked against you, and there doesn’t seem to be a way out.

Our law firm, Sutton & Jacobs, has for over 34 years been representing good people with injuries, helping them get the compensation that they deserve after bad injuries like a wreck, collision, crash, or injury. We provide legal representation that focuses on your success and our relationships with our clients, as we tackle difficult cases and aim for results.

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We Put The Cases – And The People – First

Many times, we step in when other attorneys won’t due to the difficulties and complexities of a case. Because we understand the gravity of the cases we take on, we deeply value the importance of the attorney-client relationship. We pride ourselves on how we manage cases for our clients, and want them to feel like they have someone on their side from the start. When we work for you, expect aggressive advocacy whether inside or out of the courtroom, as well as sensitivity, confidentiality and honesty when you need it the most.

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Ready to step in and help you through the worst