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Holding Negligent Bars, Restaurants And Stores Accountable In Drunk Driving Cases

At Sutton & Jacobs, we understand that being injured due to the actions of a drunk driver can have devastating consequences. We relentlessly pursue justice and compensation for our clients who have suffered injuries in liquor liability or “dram shop” cases. Our aggressive approach ensures that the establishments responsible for overserving alcohol or selling to intoxicated individuals are held accountable for their negligence.

We Have Your Back In Dram Shop Cases.

Dram shop cases involve holding establishments, such as bars, restaurants or liquor stores, liable for injuries caused by their patrons who were served alcohol despite being obviously intoxicated. We believe in fighting aggressively on behalf of our clients to ensure that the responsible establishments are held accountable for their actions.

Proving Liability In Dram Shop Cases

Proving liability in dram shop cases is complex, but our experienced team of attorneys is well-versed in the intricacies of these cases. To establish liability, we must demonstrate the following elements:

  • Sale of alcohol: Prove the establishment served alcohol to the individual who caused the crash and subsequent injuries.
  • Obvious intoxication: We must prove that the individual was obviously intoxicated when they were served alcohol, presenting a clear danger to themselves or others. This can be done through witness testimonies, surveillance footage or expert analysis.
  • Causation: Prove a clear link between the over-service of alcohol or sale to a drunk driver and the injuries sustained due to the drunk driving wreck.

These cases often come with intricate details and analysis. It is essential to have a skilled lawyer supporting your case against an irresponsible establishment.

What Happens If A Minor Is Served Alcohol?

For adults, the individual must be obviously intoxicated when sold alcohol for there to be a dram shop case. This standard is much more lenient when an establishment serves alcohol to someone under 18 years old. When someone other than a minor’s parent or legal guardian serves that minor any quantity of alcohol, and that minor is injured or causes injury to others, then you may have a case against that individual.

Do You Have A Case?

Determining if you have a dram shop case requires thoroughly evaluating the facts and circumstances surrounding your crash. If a drunk driver injured you, it is important to consult with our aggressive personal injury legal team at Sutton & Jacobs. We will review the details of your case, gather evidence and assess the viability of a dram shop claim on your behalf.

Seek Justice With An Aggressive Legal Team

When you choose Sutton & Jacobs to represent you in your dram shop case, you can trust that we are committed to fighting relentlessly on your behalf and ensuring that the negligent establishments are held accountable for their actions. To make an appointment by phone, video conference or in-person at our Beaumont office, call 409-833-1100 or contact us online.